Transform your health at every level to live your most powerful life.

Look, feel and perform better by building your healthiest ever mindset and habits.

Do you struggle with your health?

  • Question mark icon Are you forever trying to lose weight?
  • Question mark icon Do you lack the energy to just get through the day?
  • Question mark icon Are you struggling to make exercise a regular part of your life?
  • Question mark icon Do you wake up still feeling exhausted?
  • Question mark icon Are food cravings a daily problem?
  • Question mark icon Do you regularly feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?

Welcome to the Power Charger

When it comes to mastering their health, many people jump from one diet, workout or wellness app to the next, never actually learning how to create real and lasting change in how they eat, move and live.

The NeoFit Power Charger is revolutionary because it prioritises building your most powerful mindset and habits around your health. By following our unique system you will overcome your real limitations - the thoughts, feelings and behaviours - that have been holding you back from being your personal best.

Hundreds of people have achieved a variety of amazing results using our system which teaches you how to develop the most essential skills for achieving any health goal, from weight loss to stress reduction.

The demands and distractions of modern life can make managing your physical, mental and emotional health a real struggle. With your time, energy and attention being pulled in so many different directions it’s all too easy to slip into a never ending cycle of sickness and stress.

But when you learn to switch your focus to first look inside yourself for the answers, rather than relying on external tools such as fad diets and extreme exercise, the results are powerful!

Your Coach

The Power Charger is run by me, Chris Thatcher, or as my clients like to call me, Coach Thatch. I’m the founder and head coach at NeoFit and for the past 15 years I have dedicated myself to helping as many people as I can to build their healthiest, most powerful lives.

Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of guiding thousands of people to master their body and mind, from improving how they eat and move, to developing powerful sleep and mindfulness practices.

I created the NeoFit Power Charger to help as many people as I can to take greater control of their health. Because when you think and feel healthier you perform better at every level of life, becoming the best partner, parent and professional you can be.

As a result, you’re able to make a more positive impact on all around you, from your family and friends to the wider community, resulting in a healthier, happier world.

The Power Charger

When you join the Power Charger, you will:

  1. Learn a proven formula that has been used with many different people, all with very different goals, to better identify and overcome the deep personal limitations that are holding you back from releasing your true health potential.
  2. Join a powerful community of likeminded people, all pursuing their unique path of mindset, habit and health optimisation while also helping each other to thrive in their own journey.
  3. Have constant access to me to answer all of your questions as well as a range of resources inside our private members area, from workout programmes to meal plans, guided meditations to a variety of habit, mindset and general health lessons.

It really is possible to create your healthiest body and mind on your terms, without ever needing to resort to pills, potions or extreme plans ever again.

Simply by taking the time to explore and identify the best methods for you - in the context of your unique life - you can truly achieve your goals and finally live your most powerful life.

Your good health is a gift, to you and those who rely on you. Join the Power Charger today to become the best version of yourself that you, your loved ones and the world deserve.

The honesty and kindness of the Power Charger community is incredible. I don’t feel like I’m doing this alone. The daily challenges are key to my success, reminding me why I’m doing this and holding me accountable. I love Chris' realistic approach to life. He’s non-judgemental, but gently guides us back on course when needed!
Debbie Yarwood. Business Owner, Wife & Mum
As a former GP I've taken my health seriously for the past 20 years, working with various different instructors, trainers and coaches. I’ve never before experienced anything quite like the Power Charger. Coach Thatch takes fitness, nutrition and mindfulness to another level. His understanding of the body and mind is awesome, his coaching...inspirational!
Anthony Swinscoe. Retired GP, Husband, Father

What would powerful health mean to you?

How much is your health costing you? What difference would having more energy, focus and confidence make to your life? How is your physical, mental and emotional health impacting those you love?

What would suffering from less sickness and stress really be worth to you?

The Power Charger includes:

Online members resources area including workouts, exercise guidance, meal plans, recipes and guided meditations.

Online private members community area offering all the support, motivation and accountability essential to your success.

Guidance from me every step of the way with daily check-ins and weekly group coaching calls to answer all of your questions.

Transform your health

12 week programme

£ 379
Workout programmes, meal plans and guided meditation
Private community
Coaching, guidance & motivation
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30 day money-back guarantee

I believe that the Power Charger can truly help you transform your health but if in the first 30 days you feel like it’s really not for you, I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.