Build your healthiest, most powerful life with NeoFit Powershift Coaching

Release your greatest potential by fully optimising your body & mind.

Activity & Recovery

Forge a unique movement and regeneration practice by building more effective physical activity and recovery into your life.

Food & Sleep

Develop empowering habits around food and optimise your sleep to nourish your body and mind.

Mindfulness & Connection

Cultivate mindfulness throughout your life and build more powerful relationships with yourself and others.


Join me for a complimentary health strategy session to discuss your unique needs and create a realistic plan for achieving your goals.

NeoFit Powershift Coaching

Better optimise your body and mind.

NeoFit are proud to present our Powershift Coaching system which offers a unique and highly personal approach to optimising human wellbeing by focussing on every level of health development, from movement to nutrition, sleep to social connection.

From those who simply don't know where to begin to others who have grown tired of pursuing solutions in the form of extreme exercise and dieting, Powershift Coaching offers a more simple, sustainable and stress free method to building your healthiest possible life.

Our 'Move, Nourish, Flow' system draws on the latest in physiological and psychological science, helping you to build your most powerful mindset and habits around health. Coaching is delivered via highly personal sessions and our purpose built client resources area to ensure the maxmium levels of motivation, accountability and support throughout your journey.

Being truly healthy in both body and mind isn't about restrictive diets or time consuming workouts. With NeoFit Powershift Coaching you will finally learn how to build your own most uniquely powerful health practices to help you finally achieve and maintain your goals on your terms.

I created NeoFit Powershift Coaching to provide my clients with a unique experience that considers every aspect of what it takes to build a healthier body and mind. Using this approach I've been able to guide hundreds of different people to achieve their healthiest, most powerful lives and it would be my honour to help you do the same. Chris Thatcher - Founder & Coach


What can I expect from your programmes?

My programmes have one core focus - to help you to release your full health potential by better optimsing your body and mind. Throughout our time together I will ensure that you are taking consistent, strategic action, built around your unique needs.

My promise to you is that by choosing to work with me you will finally be able to build your healthiest possible life.

How do your coaching programmes work?

My programmes are delivered online, via my private client portal and video calls. This system provides you with regular access to me to help answer any questions you have, review your progress and ensure that you are always kept on track.

Why online coaching?

Online coaching provides the opportunity to work with the most suitable coach for your personal needs, wherever you are in the world. It also offers a more flexible approach compared to in person coaching, allowing you to build the process effortlessly into your daily life.

The likelihood of finding the best possible coach to meet your personal needs in your local area and for them to always be available when you are, is rare. Plus, not everyone needs in-person supervision to achieve their goals. Therefore, online coaching provides the freedom and flexibility to work with who you want, how and when you want.

What guarantees do you offer?

No matter how we end up working together I promise that you will recieve the maximium level of support and satisfaction possible. However, if for any reason you feel my services have not lived up to this, I offer a 30 day full investment return guarantee.


Join me for a complimentary health strategy session to discuss your unique needs and create a realistic plan for achieving your goals.