Fit for Purpose

A term I use a lot is ‘Fit for Purpose’, so I thought I’d share what I actually mean by that and how it applies to you.

Quite simply, I'm talking about in the best physical and mental health that you can be in order to perform better at every level of life.

Because I believe that as human beings we have a duty to live with a greater sense of meaning to life that transcends all basic needs.

Sure, life is often tough enough without having to push ourselves harder to be better than we were yesterday but is that a reason to live a normal, average life?

I truly believe that we each have a responsbility to make a unique contribution to the world, no matter how small it might be. That begins by first ensuring we are in the best possible condition physically, mentally and spiritually.

So my mission, my purpose, is simple - help guide and support purpose driven people to better optimise their body and mind in order to maximise their potential at every level of life.

I truly believe that without a solid foundation of good health, a strong resilient body and mind, we are unable to truly reach our full capacity in all that we do.

Yes, we can be successful, yes we can achieve a lot but how much better could we all perform and how much more could we accomplish by being even just a few percent healthier than today?

I want to teach you how to reduce the stress, pressure and noise in your already busy life by focussing first on getting your body and mind better aligned and doing that in the simplest, most effective way possible.

Utilising movement, breathing, diet and rest in the most optimal way for you personally, to yield the greatest results with the least disruption to the rest of your responsibilities.

From there I believe your capacity to succeed fully in all areas of life becomes stronger and your own contribution greater.

It is now more widely accepted than ever that a healthier, more informed and structured approach to movement, nutrition and rest should be a key focus for everyone.

The benefits are far reaching from improving sleep quality to increasing energy and productivity, building greater personal confidence as well as helping to strengthen our relationships on every level.

Quite simply, better health - in all its forms - means a better life, for us and those that rely on us.

So you can save the world...

But first you need to save yourself.

I feel it is my responsibility to share what I know and make my contribution to humankind by guiding and supporting others with the same desire to make the world a better place.

So whatever your purpose in life is...let's get fit for it together.



Coach Thatch performing a Turkish get up